CADC/LCADC Training Sessions


When are classes offered?

CarePlus offers the full CADC coursework from September-August every year. The coursework begins again in September, so if you need courses that are not currently listed, they will be available for registration come July. Courses are offered every Saturday from 9am-3pm in Paramus, with the exception of some holidays. Our current schedule is available online:

What is the cost of the coursework?

You can register for individual classes for $60 each. There is a discount when registering for a full module ($450 for 9 classes) or the full coursework.

How do I register?

You can easily register online for your needed courses: Additional information is also listed on the website, including the website for The Certification Board, which would be the avenue to request further information on the licensing process.

What is the difference between CADC and LCADC?

Anyone can register to take the classes offered as part of the CADC coursework.

CADC: Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Those without a graduate degree in counseling, addictions or counseling- related area must complete the full coursework (45 classes) in order to submit the application for the CADC, set up a supervision plan, complete written and oral examinations, and begin to provide counseling. It is important to note that practicing with a CADC requires ongoing supervision by an LCADC.

LCADC: Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Those with a graduate degree in counseling, addictions or counseling- related area must submit the Request for Records Verification Form to the Certification Board to determine which classes within the coursework are required in order to submit an application for the LCADC.

What is the application and certification process to become a CADC/LCADC?

CarePlus offers the educational component, but cannot advise on applications for the CADC/LCADC or career options upon completion. For further information, please visit the website for the

If you have any questions, please contact