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Post-Pandemic Recovery: An Ethical Perspective - $40

Presented by Katherine Coleman, LPC, LCADC, CCS, ICCS, ACS

September 30 | 10am-12pm

This training will help to provide education and resources on assessing for risk of use and how to navigate discussions on substance use. Even if a substance use problem is identified, we know that many individuals may struggle with identifying the problem themselves, and in turn, decline treatment offerings. We will discuss evidence-based approaches to help guide individuals into seeking treatment resources. We will also review the most effective, evidence based, approaches in treating opiate use and other substance use disorders.

Importance of Introspection: Implicit Bias Cultural Humility - $40

Presented by LaDeana Artis, LCSW & Tanisha Esannason, BS

October 26 | 10am-12pm

This training will outline the definition of cultural humility versus cultural competency, offering a framework to incorporate into one’s overall experience of others, decision making, supervisory relationships, and more. The course will also review the impact of implicit biases and how to improve cultural awareness by starting with self-awareness. Participants will be required to engage in activities and discussions that encourage self-reflection, address implicit biases, and explore strategies to incorporate the practice of cultural humility into every aspect of their leadership role.

Looking Beyond the Checklist of ACE's - $40

Presented by Abby Maitland, MSW, LCSW, LISW-S

November 18 | 10am-12pm

Recognition of the impact of trauma and the long-term health and societal impacts on children and families is just the beginning of changing how we see and interact with children and families in distress. This presentation will focus on increasing knowledge about ACE’s and applying this theoretical understanding in a practical way regarding how we interact, the environments we create and the ways we connect to children and families is the key to building resiliency for the most marginalized and misunderstood in our communities.

Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy - $40

Presented by LaDeana Artis, LCSW & Janet Jenkins, LSW

December 16 | 10am-12pm

Attendees will learn about how DBT was developed and the evidence supporting DBT treatment. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the theory underlying DBT, the treatment hierarchy, and the necessary components of a complete DBT program. The DBT facilitator will guide attendees through the key elements of the DBT skill-based treatment modules. Using a blend of experiential lessons, research-based information and detailed case studies, that can be applied to other diagnosis’ and treatment modalities, this course will help utilize the basic principles and treatment components of DBT.

Healing-Centered Recovery for Survivors of DV - $40

Presented by Sue Heguy, LCSW & Meredith Oshman, LPC

January 13, 2022 | 10am-12pm

This workshop will present information about how programs are currently conceptualizing trauma-informed and trauma-specific work and how this translates into enhanced or improved services for survivors of domestic violence. This workshop will present aspects of trauma- informed services that are especially meaningful to survivors. It will also include culturally specific approaches to trauma and healing, including collective approaches, community-based practices, and those that can be offered by advocates and/or by trusted community members.

Identifying & Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace - $40

Lorelle Holway, LCSW, Giesel Girona, MSW & Thurmond Gillis Jr., LAC

February 10 | 10am-12pm

This course will provide participants with an introduction to Microaggressions by presenting the history of the term, while also identifying of the various types of microaggressions. Participants will explore examples of everyday occurrences of microaggressions, and attain a better understanding of their impact. The course will also cover the difference between intent and impact and facilitate a discussion on how the impact of microaggressions can have serious psychological and workplace consequences.

Toxic Stress: Impact of Racism, Bias and Prejudice on Youth - $40

Presented by Ashley Morolla, LPC

April 28 | 10am-12pm

This training will review practice recommendations that have been suggested to reduce cognitive, behavioral and health harm that toxic stress provokes. The goal is to establish a better understanding of the problems that arise from the many dimensions of bias, prejudice and racism, while also offering various solutions for immediate action.

Post Traumatic Growth and Secondary Traumatic Stress - $40

Presented by Jennifer Velten, LPC

May 19 | 10am-12pm

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping professionals experience their own trauma and the cumulative trauma of the clients they serve at an ever increasing and heightened level. Beyond the pandemic, we know that working with trauma survivors and being exposed to their traumatic experiences impacts us on an individual basis. In this workshop, strategies for promoting self-awareness and self-care will be presented as well as simple, reliable tools for assessing and identifying signs of vicarious trauma and burnout for the clinician.

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