Adolescent Recovery Programs

CarePlus NJ addresses teenage substance use and co-occurring disorders with early intervention, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs. Services include therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and support groups.

Teen Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Disorders

Depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues often accompany a teenager who is feeling misunderstood, and can sometimes lead to substance use and addiction. Finding the right solutions for teens and their families is the beginning to a new life, which is why we believe in the importance of early intervention and preventative education.

Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs

The Adolescent Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs are designed to support families that have been impacted by adolescent substance use and addiction. These programs provide all-inclusive care, and support the adolescent through a person-centered approach to treatment and recovery. Intensive Outpatient Groups are offered four times per week, and Outpatient Groups are offered two times per week. These may be combined with family and/or individual sessions, based on clinical recommendations.
Multi-Cultural Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting
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Therapeutic & Support Services

Multi-Cultural Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting
CarePlus NJ is dedicated to a strength-based, person-centered approach to care and treatment. Services that are included in our programs are also available individually, as needed. Our goal is always to integrate evidence-based clinical practices, such as harm-reduction and motivational interviewing, to support adolescents and their families in the journey of wellness and recovery.
  • Evaluation/Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Individual, Family & Group Therapy
  • Urine Drug Screen Tests
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Clinicians Trained in:
    • Harm Reduction
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
    • Perinatal Mental Health
  • Recovery Support Services
    • Supportive Education Services
    • Supportive Employment Services
    • Family Support
    • Peer Support

Individual Psychotherapy

The program provides individual therapy sessions to clients involved in group therapy or as a stand-alone service. Individual therapy allows the clinician to develop individualized treatment goals for each client and assist the individual in achieving those goals.
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Family Therapy

This service allows the client’s family to participate and become a part of the treatment process for the individual. The family therapy sessions are facilitated by a clinician with the family and the client present.

Multifamily Therapy Group

Provided weekly for clients and families to address and support each other, gain professional insight into the processes of addiction, and recovery and the role of the family. It is strongly recommended that families of clients in the program regularly attend to fully participate in the recovery process.
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Specialized Groups through CarePlus

CarePlus offers a variety of specialized groups for adolescents that focus on particular topics (such as depression, wellness, and anxiety). These groups can be offered as a means to more fully address individual client needs.

Early Intervention Program

A 8-week program which provides education on the dangers of underage drinking, prescription drug and other drug use. The early intervention program is effective with youth who are beginning to experiment with alcohol and other drugs. The goal of the program is to provide education to assist in preventing the onset of more problematic substance use or dependent behaviors.
Close Up Of Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting