Annual Report

The CarePlus NJ Annual Report showcases the organization’s dedication to mental health and addiction services, innovation in treatment, and community support across diverse programs.

CarePlus NJ Inc. Annual Report

Each CarePlus NJ Annual Report highlights the organization’s dedication to addressing mental healthcare, substance abuse treatment, and trauma through diverse programs and services. It emphasizes innovation in clinical services, school-based initiatives, and community partnerships, underpinned by a strong foundation in diversity and inclusion.

The report showcases significant achievements in providing essential support to individuals and families, especially amidst challenges posed by the current climate of our community.

CarePlus NJ extends heartfelt thanks to all its supporters, staff, and partners for their unwavering commitment and contributions that have been instrumental in fulfilling its mission and making a profound impact on the communities served.

Message from Care Plus NJ Inc CEO

The CEO’s message in the CarePlus New Jersey Annual Report highlights the organization’s journey from throughout the year. Embracing change while maintaining a strong commitment to understanding and addressing the unique healthcare needs of individuals, families, and communities with empathy and professionalism.

From its beginnings as a community mental health center in 1978, CarePlus NJ has achieved significant milestones in behavioral healthcare, emphasizing integrated care models. Milestones include notable certifications and partnerships, such as managing the state’s largest public hospital, developing a partnership with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, and leading in school-based services.

Leadership is dedicated to continuing this evolution, focusing on the diverse needs of the communities served. We are committed to continuing the legacy of innovative and comprehensive care to address mental health, addiction, and psychiatric crises.

Revenue Report CarePlus New Jersey

The Revenue section of the CarePlus NJ 2022 Annual Report indicates significant financial growth, with total revenue. Government grants, patient revenue, and other income sources, including the CarePlus Foundation, CarePlus Workforce Solutions, and the Paradigm Therapeutic Day School are included in the data. The figures reflect the organization’s ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive, integrated mental healthcare treatment options across 80+ programs for both adults and children, including the most vulnerable populations in northern New Jersey.

The CarePlus NJ organization tracks data to include populations served, top positions such as chief medical officer, medical director, clinical director, all leadership positions as well as cost of all staff.

The full potential of CarePlus NJ and the excellance in services is also attributed to the donations from the community. Their long support of the organization has helped us achieve several offices throughout New Jersey with CarePlus NJ Inc. Paramus as our Main Headquarters.

As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), our agency is able to offer quality mental healthcare to clients and their families in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey.

Clinical Services

The Clinical Services section of the CarePlus New Jersey Annual Report details our service for outpatient treatment for serious mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and support for veterans, emphasizing evidence-based and inclusive care. The Maternal and Family Center provides specialized care for perinatal mental health, catering to a diverse clientele with evidence-based services.

Addiction and Recovery Services

CarePlus NJ’s Addiction and Recovery Services offer comprehensive, evidence-based care for those affected by addiction, including specialized programs for pregnant/postpartum women and addiction recovery professionals.

The organization supports recovery through a range of services like ambulatory detox and medication-assisted treatment. Key initiatives include a Maternal Wraparound Program, Opiate Provider Therapeutic Individualized Care Services, and the Family Support Center, each designed to provide targeted support and improve treatment access and outcomes.

Hospital & Community Services

The Hospital & Community Services Division of CarePlus NJ works with various organizations to address complex issues such as homelessness, mental illness, and addiction in Bergen County. Reducing recidivism, achieving cost savings in hospitalization, and supporting individuals through crisis intervention, evaluation, and stabilization programs changes lives.

Key programs like the Psychiatric Emergency Screening Program and Crossroads to Wellness provide crucial support and have shown positive outcomes in community stabilization and rapid access to mental health services.

Children & Family Services

The Children & Family Services Division of CarePlus NJ offers comprehensive support focusing on early intervention, prevention, and crisis stabilization for children and families. Services have expanded in response to the mental health crisis in our community. Programs like CMRSS provide 24/7 crisis intervention for youth, while the BCCYC and School-Based Services offer tailored mental health support. Additionally, the Healthy Families program educates new parents to promote healthy child development, and programs for “aging out youth” aid in the transition to adulthood.

Trauma Recovery Center

CarePlus NJ offers specialized trauma services through programs like the Trauma Recovery Center and Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Trauma Treatment Center, focusing on comprehensive mental health services for survivors of violent crimes and trauma-informed care training for professionals. It also leads the Traumatic Loss Coalition, providing support and training to communities affected by tragic events to promote healing and resilience.

Consultation & Education

CarePlus NJ’s Consultation & Education services include the IDEA Committee and training initiatives focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B), mental health awareness, and crisis intervention. The organization offers comprehensive training to employees and community members to ensure a culture of equity, inclusion, and respect, impacting hundreds through educational series and specialized training programs for various groups including law enforcement and first responders.

School-Based Services

CarePlus NJ’s School-Based Services include violence prevention training, school clearance assessments, and Paradigm Therapeutic Day School, focusing on comprehensive support for students’ mental health and safety. These services aim to mitigate violence and mental health crises in schools while providing a supportive educational environment for students with emotional disabilities.

CarePlus Workforce Solutions

CarePlus Workforce Solutions, a nonprofit social enterprise, offers employment and training to those facing mental health challenges or economic disadvantages, focusing on essential services like janitorial and laundry work.

The CarePlus Foundation

The CarePlus Foundation supports individuals and families by enhancing CarePlus NJ programs and raising community awareness. It offers financial aid for essentials like medication, housing, groceries, and access to therapeutic support.

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