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If you or a loved one suffer from a mental health crisis, the emergency room may not always be the best treatment option. After all, the hospital staff might not have proper crisis care training to address your needs. 

At CarePlus New Jersey, we provide Bergen County residents with specialized care for their distinct requirements. Remember, no matter what you’re struggling with — suicide, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, alcohol, or other mental health issues — there is hope for recovery if you seek help. 

This article will discuss crisis centers and show you how they can transform your life. Read on to discover a way to start your healing journey.

What Is a Crisis Center?

Crisis Support | Care Plus NJ

A crisis center is a facility or telephone answering system that provides mental health services for individuals at risk of harming themselves or others, including suicide risks. Ultimately, the goal is to connect people with the resources they need from accessible amenities in the community.

Mental Health Help Now

Like CarePlus New Jersey, many crisis centers offer free hotlines for troubled persons or their families and friends. Below are some 24/7/365 crisis support services clients can expect from such providers:

  • Crisis call assessment
  • Emergency stabilization
  • Referrals to appropriate mental health crisis services

Crisis services are effective and cost-saving alternatives to the emergency room and hospital settings.

At CarePlus, we offer two crisis lifeline services for Bergen County families who need help. 

Crisis Center | Care Plus NJ

Children to 21 Immediate Crisis Line

We created a Children’s Mobile program for children or youth up to 21 years old who need immediate crisis services. This project lets us keep Bergen County a family-friendly community. The goal is to ensure that children live in a safe and stable environment conducive to their mental health. 

Our crisis care team allows us to respond to emergencies within one hour, offer crisis de-escalation services, and recommend ideal treatment solutions. 

If you need to talk to one of our specialists, call us at (877) 652-7624.

24/7 Psychiatric Emergency Help

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Our crisis lifeline (201) 262-HELP (4357) accepts calls 24/7/365. Contact this number immediately if you or a loved one need a crisis center for mental health emergencies. This program is the only one approved by the Bergen County authorities for crisis call situations. 

While there is a fee for health crisis evaluations, health insurance providers often cover such expenses. We will respond to all calls and assist anyone who needs help regardless of funding. Our crisis center facilities will never deny anyone experiencing mental health emergencies. 

Who Needs Crisis Services?

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Individuals experiencing disturbances in their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors may require crisis services. Remember, such emergencies can surface anytime, no matter where a person is.

Below are some factors that may signify a mental health crisis:

Suicide risk:

Anyone having suicidal thoughts should seek help immediately. Requesting crisis services can save a life during such situations.


When a person has an increased risk of committing personal injury or damage to property, we recommend seeking confidential advice from a specialist. A phone call to our lifeline can stop alarming crises from escalating.

Inability to care for oneself:

Mental Health Crisis | Care Plus NJ

Poor hygiene, untreated medical conditions, and sudden isolation from family and friends may be silent cries for help. If you identify these symptoms, contact a crisis support team right away. 

Acute psychosis:

This condition induces hallucinations, paranoia, or disorganization. If these symptoms put them at risk of harming themselves or other people, it’s best to talk with professionals about the case. 

Mania or hypomania:

Uncontrolled symptoms may lead to crises. There is hope for treatment if you can determine the severity of a person’s episodes with a specialist. 

Substance abuse:

Typically, you can tell an individual’s intoxication level through their mood, judgment, or disorganization. Call crisis support immediately if you know someone at risk of harming themselves or others because of substance abuse. 

Benefits of Calling a Crisis Center

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When you are in immediate danger, it’s best to call 911. However, for emotional emergencies, an alternative would be to call crisis centers. We accept calls from those with a variety of concerns – from suicide to developmental disabilities.

Data rates weather you call or text are covered via your home or work or mobile phone when you call a crisis center.

Below are some of the benefits of calling such services.

24/7/365 Availability

When you are ready to seek treatment options, you can call our crisis numbers any day of the week. Our specialists will listen to your case and recommend helpful resources to guide you toward healing. Note that the data you provide will remain confidential and will not reach any other platform without your consent. 

Immediate Relief

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CarePlus has been serving the emotional needs of the Bergen County community since 1978. Our experts understand how overwhelming crisis situations can be. Trust us on this: Gaining access to a crisis counselor can prepare you for your wellness journey. Whether it’s your first time talking to a specialist or you’ve had therapy before, our crisis services can lift a massive weight off your shoulders. 

Begin the Healing Process

Individuals feeling the impacts of emotional crises sometimes don’t seek help immediately. They may have objections, from wanting independence to lacking access to health insurance and everything in between. However, when you have someone listen to your concerns, you might discover that there is hope for a better life for everyone, no matter the circumstance.

Find a Crisis Center Near You

Crisis Lifeline | Care Plus NJ

An emotional crisis can strike anytime, anywhere. No one is exempt from such scenarios. However, as a Bergen County community member, you have access to a free 24/7 crisis hotline through CarePlus New Jersey.

Call these numbers if you or anyone you know needs a professional to talk with about suicide, depression, or other emergency mental health concerns. For TTY Users: Use your preferred relay service to call:

Children to 21 Immediate Crisis Line: (877) 652-7624

24/7 Psychiatric Emergency Help: (201) 262-HELP (4357)

Safety Net Like The Harris Center | Care Plus NJ

At CarePlus, we offer various services designed to provide excellent mental healthcare. With the local government’s support, we provide individuals and their families with the tools they need to achieve their full potential. 

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing a crisis. Millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues, and a rock-solid support system can be the key to getting your life back.