Inclusion Diversity Equity and Action “IDEA”

Care Plus NJ's IDEA Committee

Care Plus NJ’s IDEA Committee’s impact within the organization and with our community partners began in May 2020 with the murder of George Floyd.

Our corporate culture implemented diversity initiatives that led to a group of CarePlus NJ staff connecting to discuss how to promote diversity and what we can be doing to create an inclusive environment for each other, especially for our colleagues that are people of color.

Diversity Initiatives | Care Plus NJ

Diversity Initiatives

Our policy changes, diversity initiatives and events achieved and implemented by the IDEA committee since 2020 is astounding.

The IDEA committee remains dedicated to DEI initiatives, equitable access to underserved communities, and professional development all ending with ACTION.

Our DEI efforts will welcome all underrepresented groups regardless of sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and gender identity and will offer equal treatment services and employment opportunities.

Diversity Equity And Inclusion | Care Plus NJ

Inclusive Environment

The IDEA committee has set goals to promote diversity. Sub committees were developed to help development opportunities and to provide resources beginning with our Human Resources & Corporate Culture.

The IDEA committee has implemented a strategy to incorporate DEI initiatives into policy. The hiring process and retention data collection is important to keeping an inclusive workplace.

Offering leadership experiences and racial equity in leadership requires sustainable change and full participation to identify ways to view diversity and face unconscious bias.

Creating a culture of advance diversity through DEI training and education will be a systemic change allowing opportunities with other organizations committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Community Outreach and Advocacy

From high school students, first generation students, teachers, employees, local community centers, and partnering organizations – Care Plus NJ will address unconscious bias, and align with those seeking racial equity and advance diversity.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI Checklist

In June 2022, Care Plus NJ Human Resources Corporate Committee decided to undertake a diversity equity and inclusion self assessment, utilizing a DEI checklist developed by the *Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership (EGAL) at Berkeley Haas*

The diversity, equity and inclusion checklist was completed in January 2023 and was presented to Executive Leadership with recommendations on how to increase diversity and offer DEI training.

Professional Development | Care Plus NJ

Lasting Commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Care Plus NJ Human Resources took action to improve their ability to identify and mitigate bias, increase attention to diverse hiring boards, Colleges and Universities to attract diverse staff to improve our workplace.

During new staff orientation, Human Resources has incorporated the IDEA committee members as part of the new hire trainings to welcome new staff and create a sense of belonging during onboarding.

HR has created a new hire survey to measure our staff’s overall job satisfaction as well as their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion.

IDEA Panel Continues to Fight for Racial Justice and Unrepresented Groups

Quarterly IDEA panel discussions encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in our community partnerships, trainings and outreach. In addition we continue to update our training catalog to include diversity subjects.

DEI trainings have been added to Relias learning for all staff access during onboarding.

Planning and development of our annual Board Retreat will include DEI&B to incorporaate understanding, commitment, and actionable practices for all leaders within our organization and subsidiaries.