Integrated Care

CarePlus NJ integrates mental health, substance use treatment, physical health care, and social support. Offering holistic care with personalized support, coordination, and supplementary services for comprehensive well-being.

CarePlus NJ Integrated Care

CarePlus NJ is committed to integrating mental health and substance use treatment services with physical health care and social support. With decades of experience providing behavioral health services, care coordination, case management and trainings, we know that a holistic approach to care and treatment produces the best outcomes. We are confident that our team will lead the way in streamlining and improving access to care.

How Can We Help?

  • Personalized support in scheduling and linking to a healthcare setting
  • Streamlined access to primary care and specialty providers
  • Coordinate care with all providers and advocate for all needed services including
    • Economic stability
    • Transportation
    • Support for pursuing education and employment
    • Safety
    • Food security
    • Engagement in community activities
In addition to providing applicable services at CarePlus NJ such as therapy, psychiatry, group, and addiction treatment, you will also receive the above supplementary services as part of your care.
Are You Managing Mental Illness and Substance Use | Care Plus NJ

Are You Managing Mental Illness or Substance Use Challenges?

Our Program Helps Treat Your Whole Person in Your Recovery Journey.

Managing a mental illness or substance use disorder (SUD) can be difficult. Finding the right treatment on top of managing your overall health and balancing personal responsibilities can be overwhelming. CarePlus is here to help bring together all of the resources you need.

Our approach offers care for the whole person, with your behavioral health, physical health, specialty care and social health teams all working together, so you achieve your best health.

Integrated Care Provides:

  • A full evaluation of your health
  • Help finding the right treatment and managing your medicine(s)
  • Coordinated care with your doctors and specialists
  • Medication-assisted treatment — addiction treatment that combines medicine with therapy
  • Management of withdrawal symptoms in a supportive outpatient program
  • Support services to help schedule appointments, find specialists and coordinate transportation
  • Help connecting with community resources for housing, education, employment and more

Am I Eligible?

Call an Integrated Care provider to find out if you are eligible and to learn more. Even if you’re already seeing a behavioral health professional, our partners can still work with you or your clinician to identify and schedule other helpful services.

Integrated Care provider in your local area:

Provider name:
CarePlus NJ, Inc

Phone Number
1 (201) 265-8200 Ext. 5323