Coporate Subsidiaries

Care Plus Workforce Solutions, Inc. (CPWS) was created as a social enterprise, with the purpose of employing individuals with disabilities to increase their sense of purpose and connection. Over the last 25 years, CPWS has successfully secured major contracts for laundry services and laser printer cartridges, and also provides janitorial services. Through these various tracks, there are currently over 30 people with disabilities employed through CPWS.
The Care Plus Foundation, Inc. was created to address major issues in behavioral health care: mainly, the inability to pay for services and essentials for daily living. Through fundraising, community education and advocacy efforts, the Foundation is able to provide financial support for access to programs, rental and medication assistance, educational scholarships, and more.
The most recent subsidiary of Care Plus NJ, Inc. is the Paradigm Therapeutic Day School, which was established in response to a need within the education community that has in recent years seen an alarming rise in students with significant mental health and behavioral health issues.
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