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Child Therapist Near Me | CarePlus New Jersey

Finding the Right Support for Your Child’s Mental Health

Childhood is a pivotal phase of development that lays the groundwork for a lifetime of well-being. Unfortunately, many children encounter emotional and psychological challenges that can profoundly impact their growth.  In such situations, finding expertise from

Intermittent Explosive Disorder | CarePlus New Jersey

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Have you ever experienced sudden episodes of physical aggression or violent, angry outbursts without a clear reason? If so, you may be dealing with intermittent explosive disorder (IED). Understanding intermittent explosive disorder is crucial for finding

Blank Men and their Mental Health | CarePlus New Jersey

Black Men and Mental Health

Mental health is essential to overall well-being, yet it remains a topic that is often overlooked or stigmatized within many communities. The Black male community is arguably the most affected by this stigma and lack of

What Does Depression Feel Like? | CarePlus New Jersey

What Does Depression Feel Like?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 280 million are experiencing depression worldwide. That’s 3.8% of the population, and 5% of those with the mental health disorder are adults. These numbers may seem low, but