Empowering Mental Health with Digital Wellness Through Technology

In the bustling communities of northern New Jersey, a new wave of mental health support is emerging, thanks to a generous grant from The Provident Bank Foundation to Care Plus NJ, Inc. This exciting development is not just about funds; it’s about bringing a revolutionary tool to those in need.

CarePlus New Jersey, renowned for its integrated approach to primary and behavioral health services, recently received a $15,000 grant from The Provident Bank Foundation. This significant contribution, made in late 2022, is set to transform the way mental health support is delivered.

Provident Bank Foundation Grant Purpose

Receiving Provident Bank Foundation Grant Check for Digital Well-Being App at CarePlus New Jersey | Care Plus NJ

The purpose of Provident Bank Foundation grant is to launch a digital wellness platform through the MoodMission app, an innovative solution designed to empower individuals in managing stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations.

MoodMission isn’t your average app. It’s evidence-based, focusing on daily tasks that challenge negative thought patterns and encourage new coping strategies. Imagine having a personal mental wellness coach in your pocket, available anytime, anywhere. That’s the promise of MoodMission, and it’s about to become a reality for 1,750 individuals through CarePlus NJ.

“Through The Provident Bank Foundation’s generosity, we’ll be able to implement the digital wellness platform to meet the increased demand and provide those in need with on-demand access to proven coping strategies and mental health resources.” Brigitte Johnson, Esq., President / CEO, CarePlus NJ

CarePlus NJ Can Now Offer On-demand Mental Health Resources

The app’s introduction couldn’t be timelier. The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on mental health services, with a surge in demand, especially among underserved populations. Brigitte Johnson, Esq., President/CEO of CarePlus NJ, highlights the profound impact of the pandemic on BIPOC communities and perinatal women, especially Black mothers facing alarming mortality rates. Thanks to The Provident Bank Foundation, CarePlus NJ can now offer on-demand mental health resources and coping strategies to those who need them most.

CarePlus New Jersey Serves 14,000 Clients Annually Across 80 Programs

CarePlus NJ’s reach is extensive, serving 14,000 clients annually across 80 programs. Their work touches various groups, from individuals grappling with mental health and substance use disorders to those affected by trauma, including specific demographics like perinatal women and youth in schools.

Digital Wellness Platform Set to Revolutionize Services

Digital Wellness Platform Offers Overall Well-Being & Positive Impact on Mental Health Outcomes | Care Plus NJ

The digital wellness platform (DWP) is set to revolutionize how these services at CarePlus New Jersey are delivered, particularly to marginalized groups and high-risk populations facing systemic barriers.

The beauty of the digital wellness platform lies in its accessibility. It breaks down traditional barriers to care, such as transportation issues, time constraints, and financial burdens. It’s a digital bridge connecting clients across northern New Jersey to the comprehensive care they deserve.

CarePlus NJ and The Provident Bank Foundation Together

CarePlus NJ and The Provident Bank Foundation grant will allow more to face their mental health challenges by transforming them into opportunities for growth, healing, and ultimately empowerment through promoting wellness via the digital wellbeing app Mood Mission.

CarePlus NJ’s commitment to enhancing care continuity in the community is unwavering. As Johnson notes, leveraging technology is key to meeting individuals where they are, and MoodMission is a crucial step in this journey. It’s more than an app; it’s a lifeline, a tool for empowerment, and a testament to the power of innovative partnerships in improving mental health care through digital devices.

For over 45 years, Care Plus NJ, Inc. has stood as a beacon of hope and healing in northern New Jersey. Their integrated health services, immediate crisis support, and commitment to excellence are unwavering. The collaboration with The Provident Bank Foundation marks another milestone in their mission to provide accessible, specialized care to all.

Care Plus New Jersey and The Provident Bank Foundation in the Press

To read more about this partnership in the press, see the Paramus Post article “CarePlus NJ Awarded $15,000 Grant from The Provident Bank Foundation for Mental Health App”.

If you or a loved one are in need of accessing services in person or through digital technology, please reach out to us today.