Children & Family Services

CarePlus New Jersey offers a robust suite of Children and Family services designed to support the mental health and well-being of children, adolescents, and their families.

Services at CarePlus New Jersey

Children’s Mobile responds to the needs of children and families in crisis in Bergen County. CarePlus offers this service to provide immediate, on-site support for children and families facing a crisis, ensuring rapid response and intervention to stabilize situations and prevent escalation.

Family and Adolescent Services at CarePlus New Jersey are tailored to meet the needs of teenagers and their families, this program focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced during adolescence, offering counseling, therapy, and support services that promote healthy development and family dynamics.

Group Therapy and Support Services at CarePlus New jersey offers a variety of group therapy options and support services for children and adolescents aimed at creating a safe place in a supportive environment to explore personal challenges, learn coping strategies, and gain insights from peers facing similar issues.

School-Based Services at CarePlus provides services directly within schools. These include counseling, intervention programs, and support for both students and educators, aimed at creating healthier, more supportive school communities.

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