Addiction Recovery Services

CarePlus NJ provides opiate withdrawal and recovery programs. Services are available in-person or remotely, with participation in most major insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Opiate Withdrawal and Recovery Programs

We participate in most major medical insurance plans, including Medicaid. CarePlus NJ will never turn an individual or family away due to inability to pay. Services can be provided in-person or remotely.
Evidence-based clinical practices including medication assisted treatment and outpatient programs.
Strength-based solutions for early intervention, prevention and psychoeducation for youth.
Specialized support and access to wraparound therapeutic services for the whole family.
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Individualized Services Offered

Comprehensive evaluations are performed under clinical supervision to determine a diagnosis and the most appropriate level of care. Person-centered treatment planning services are provided by a multidisciplinary team and supported through case management and care coordination.
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CarePlus NJ psychiatrists and prescribers work with program staff as a collaborative team to make sure the best overall care is provided. Addiction treatment and recovery services are offered with specialty expertise following individual evaluations, including children and adolescent psychiatry.
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Individual therapy sessions are offered in addition to group therapy, or as a stand-alone service. Psychotherapy allows the clinician to develop a person-centered treatment plan and assist the individual in achieving their recovery goals.
These services help to establish a support system for the individual in recovery. Sessions are facilitated by a clinician, and open the door for community support in treatment. Group and family therapy sessions allow individuals families to relate to one another, gain professional insight into the processes of addiction and recovery, and better understand the role of family support.

A Continuum of Care: Wraparound Services

Our specialized programs provide seamless access to services designed to support wellness and recovery in all aspects of life. Upon evaluation, individuals and families are engaged in treatment planning to determine the most appropriate level of care, ranging from Early Intervention to Outpatient Withdrawal Management. Program support and follow-up care continues as needed.

Grant Funded Programs

Grant-programs are free-of-charge, complimentary, or at no-cost for the individual or family.

Family Support Center

The Family Support Center (FSC) program recognizes the family as one of the most influential factors in the successful treatment of addiction. This support program utilizes Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT) to provide families with tools, skills, and resources to effectively connect and communicate with their loved ones while also caring for themselves.
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Peer counseling at a women's crisis center.

Support Team for Addiction Recovery

The Support Team for Addiction Recovery (STAR) program provides case management and peer recovery support to individuals coping with opioid use disorders in New Jersey. The program was developed to address the high rates of recidivism and relapse among individuals who cycle in and out of treatment for opioid use disorders. CarePlus NJ offers this grant-funded program in Morris, Passaic and Warren counties.

Recovery & Individualized Support Expansion

The Recovery & Individualized Support Expansion (RISE) program is designed to remove barriers and address the gaps in services that hinder the recovery efforts of adolescents and young adults (ages 14-30). This is accomplished through the provision of targeted wraparound services that affect early recovery efforts. RISE provides specialized supportive services to help individuals identify and achieve personal goals in a supportive and person centered environment.
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Addictions We Treat

Stimulants are a class of drugs that increase signals in the brain increasing confidence, energy, and calmness.

Central nervous system depressants are medications that include tranquilizers, sedatives, and hypnotics.

Opiates are natural ‘opioids’ and chemical compounds that are refined and extracted from poppy plants.

Hallucinogens are drugs that cause hallucinations. They can be natural or man-made.

Specialized support and access to wraparound therapeutic services for the whole family.
Narcotic analgesics are drugs that reduce pain. Narcotic analgesics come in various forms.

Designer drugs are laboratory-made substances that were developed to mimic the effects of illegal drugs.