Adult Services

CarePlus NJ has a strong belief in the integration of mental and primary care, providing adults enrolled in other services with the opportunity to treat acute health conditions.

Adult Services at CarePlus New Jersey

Integrated Care

CarePlus NJ provides a comprehensive approach to health by seamlessly combining mental health, substance abuse treatment, physical healthcare, and social support services. This integrated care model focuses on delivering holistic and individualized care, complete with coordinated support and additional services to ensure overall well-being.

Addiction Recovery Services

Our continuum of Addiction Recovery Services offers a comprehensive range of services, including outpatient withdrawal management, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), intensive outpatient and outpatient programs, as well as ongoing therapeutic and social support as needed. A Continuum of Care: Wraparound Services Our specialized programs provide seamless access to services designed to support wellness and recovery.

Care Coordination

Our philosophy is based on a person-centered approach to treatment, utilizing the individual’s available resources, support systems and strengths. We believe in the importance of working with the individual’s expressed needs and goals, and supporting the individual’s values, rights and abilities to live a life that is within their capacity.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to addresses mental health and wellness issues that have the potential to negatively affect employees in the workplace and at home. Here are just a few areas in which this EAP may be of assistance to you: Anxiety, Stress, and/or Depression Marital, Family, or Relationship Issues and Work-Related Difficulties.

Outpatient Services

Our philosophy is that coping skills and strengths developed in childhood carry into adult life, helping individuals reach their full potential. With this in mind, we strive to deliver programming and resources that assist individuals in navigating our complicated world. CarePlus takes an evidence-based approach to provide adults with therapeutic techniques designed to meet each individuals needs.

Primary Care Services

Your mind is connected to the rest of your body… so why would you treat it separately? CarePlus has a strong belief in the integration of mental and primary care. Primary Care Services provides adults enrolled in other CarePlus services an embedded primary care program with the opportunity to treat acute health conditions.

Social Support Services

We value connection and community, and understand they are essential for many individuals to achieve their full potential. By identifying needs and setting goals, our team of experts support access to needed services and community connectedness. CarePlus offers a number of specialty programs to navigate difficult situations and stages of life.

Maternal & Family Center

The Maternal & Family Center at CarePlus New Jersey is dedicated to supporting the perinatal mental health needs of women and families throughout the stages of pregnancy, including the periods before, during, and after childbirth. We offer a range of services such as individual counseling, support groups, and medication management to ensure comprehensive care and support during this critical time.

Gambling Disorder Program

The Gambling Disorder Program is designed to assist individuals in their journey towards recovery from problem gambling. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant, our program offers a structured yet flexible approach, encompassing evidence-based therapies, counseling, and psychoeducation. Through individual and group sessions, participants gain essential tools to manage triggers, understand the underlying causes of their gambling behaviors, and develop healthier coping strategies. Our team of experienced and empathetic professionals provides a safe and non-judgmental environment, fostering self-awareness and resilience, all with the goal of helping individuals regain control over their lives and break free from the cycle of addiction.