Helping youth reduce anxiety, improve coping skills

Freedom From Anxiety is an intervention group for youth struggling with anxiety symptoms. This group is an interactive treatment program that addresses anxiety in youth and teaches healthy coping strategies to manage their thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

The program integrates a behavioral approach (such as relaxation training and interactive activities) as well as a cognitive approach (including problem-solving). This group setting encourages healthy interpersonal relationships.

Program Goals:

Through this 8-week therapy group, youth will learn effective, personalized coping skills to assist in a variety of challenging situations. The focus of the sessions will be:

Recognizing feelings

  • Awareness of physiological responses when feeling anxious
  • Identification and modification of anxious self-talk
  • Identification of triggers
  • Practice opportunities of newly acquired skills in stressful situations

These goals will be met through the use of:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Thought-stopping strategies
  • Role plays
  • Insurance is accepted.

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Grades 6-8
Grades 3-5

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