Best State for Having a baby? NJ Makes List, But Far From No. 1

New Jersey 101.5 (August 12, 2021) covering the high costs that bring NJ’s score down on the list of Best States for Having A Baby.

You’re better off having a baby in New Jersey than in most other states, even though costs are through the roof here, according to new rankings.

2021’s Best & Worst States to Have a Baby, compiled by personal finance website WalletHub, ranks New Jersey 13th among the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

In the report’s category of health care, New Jersey posts one of the lowest rates of infant mortality.

But the Garden State is lagging significantly when it comes to maternal mortality, according to Melissa Sampath, vice president of community mental health services for CarePlus NJ and co-founder of the organization’s Maternal & Family Center.

“On average, for every 100,000 live births, 47 women die, compared to 20 nationally,” Sampath said. “Across the board, maternal mental health conditions are one of the most common complications during pregnancy and during the postpartum period, with about 75% of moms going untreated.”

Maternal health conditions overwhelmingly affect women of color, Sampath added.