CarePlus Celebrates Nationally Ranked Client and Staff Satisfaction

Care Plus NJ (“CarePlus”) ranked #1 in three areas in the 2015 Nationwide Survey conducted by Mental Health Corporations of American (“mhca”): overall client satisfaction with agencies having 5 or more programs, client satisfaction with vocational services and overall staff satisfaction.

CarePlus is 1 of 135 organizations that have received the invitation only membership with mhca. It is a prestigious acknowledgement to be a part of the network, which prides itself on consisting of only the highest quality behavioral healthcare organizations in the country. The mhca association of providers exists for the purpose of learning, collaborating and growing with each other while leading the future of behavioral healthcare.

This position of leadership is familiar to the CarePlus team, who works to set the bar by providing exemplary care and taking innovative approaches to integrate services for healthy minds and healthy bodies. CarePlus has been one of the top three ranked organizations since it first became a member.

It is worth noting that CarePlus far exceeds 5 programs, tallying over 50. Services span across the children and family spectrum, through the severe mental illness and substance abuse populations and beyond offering opportunities for personal and professional growth for both staff and clients.

“The client satisfaction with vocational services is not a surprise because we have a very strong focus on the workforce development,” explained Joe Masciandaro, CEO and President at CarePlus. “One of the driving forces for many of our clients is to reintegrate into the community after crises and hospitalizations. Employment is a major component in that, especially for those who want to attain and maintain independent living.”

The extensiveness of the organization allows for CarePlus to serve many. In the 2015 fiscal year, CarePlus helped 17,721 individuals navigate the mental health system through their Admissions Department. Of those, 15,714 of those individuals were linked to services within the agency, and the remainder were referred to appropriate resources in the community. That does not take into account clients that were enrolled in services before 2015. Such client engagement demands sufficient staffing and training.

“The positive feedback from clients is very fulfilling,” continued Masciandaro. “We are also very proud of our staff satisfaction. Our teams are dedicated and passionate about their work. Their contentment in serving is directly connected to the positive client experience.”

Despite mental health budget cuts, legislative policy concerns and the handful of struggles that are to be expected in a nonprofit organization, CarePlus has been able to create a healthy morale throughout the agency. The organization makes strong efforts to promote a culture of compassion and to establish a nurturing environment in a workplace that can be quite stressful due to the demanding and emotional nature of behavioral healthcare.

“We are at a point in time where the future of our community-based mental health system is being threatened. Not only do our employees deserve the peace of mind knowing that their jobs are secure, but our clients deserve the peace of mind they get from being served by our staff. That is part of the battle we are fighting now, and we do not intend to let up,” concluded Masciandaro.

CarePlus is currently advocating alongside of behavioral health agencies throughout New Jersey to reverse the proposal of a Fee-for-Service only reimbursement plan that is scheduled to be put in effect January 1, 2017. According to local leaders and directors of these organizations, the new budget and policy plans can destabilize the community-based mental health system, specifically outpatient programs.

For more information or to get involved in these efforts contact Caitlyn Yerves, Advocacy Specialist at CarePlus.