Coronavirus Changing Pregnancy For Many, But Finding New Ways to Celebrate Can Bring Comfort

Fox News covers the different ways the pandemic has affected expecting mothers and how to navigate pregnancy in the age of COVID.

“Well before a woman becomes pregnant, even dating back to childhood, they may have had an ideal vision of what the pregnancy and birth will be like,” Dr. Daniel Finch, who is certified in perinatal mental health and is vice president of Population Health Strategies and director of Psychiatric Urgent Care Services at CarePlus N.J., told Fox News. “Fear of deviating from these dreams can cause sadness and regret, even a sense of losing something that can never be recovered…One way to overcome this is to be creative and use technology so as not to miss out on those special moments,” Finch said. “For example, take funny pictures to announce the pregnancy and have a gender reveal party on a social media gathering platform so as not to miss out on your original plans. Try to stick to the initial ideas as much as possible, just get creative in the delivery.”

Finch also emphasized the importance of avoiding the temptation to compare this pregnancy to ones experienced before the pandemic.