Should behavioral health patients be able to get treatment in primary care settings?

In an article by ROI NJ, they discuss if  behavioral health patients should be able to get treatment in primary care settings?

The Department of Health Commissioner, Shereek Elnahal anticipates that healthcare providers can better serve behavioral and substance abuse patients in the same clinical setting after issuing direction on the topic in late March. Regulations make it challenging to serve those in the same facility for different services.

The NJ Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies CEO Debra Wentz, has also agreed that the hospital is looking into ways to increase access as they move forward to the single integrated license. She says that the guidance will help remove the barrier around access to care. President and CEO of CarePlus NJ, Joseph Masciandaro states that, “What this does is, it moves behavioral health care into the world of health care.

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