CarePlus New Jersey Named 2023 Visionary Provider of the Year by the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

CarePlus New Jersey was recognized for their excellence in adult and youth crisis intervention and response training.

CarePlus New Jersey is a pioneer in integrated primary and behavioral health services for adults and children, was named the 2023 Visionary Provider of The Year by NJAMHAA (the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies). CarePlus New Jersey accepted the award at NJAMHAA’s Spring Conference titled “Transcending Today, Transforming Tomorrow”.

Criteria for the Visionary Provider of The Year Award

Leading Mental Healthcare | Care Plus New Jersey

Criteria for the Visionary Provider of The Year Award includes organizations who have provided outstanding services, undertaken innovative programs, provided a supportive work environment and offered leadership in the community.

Brigitte Johnson, Esq., President and CEO, CarePlus New Jersey stated –

“CarePlus New Jersey is honored to be named NJAMHAA’s Visionary Provider of the Year, which would not be possible without the expertise and dedication of our staff and management teams who work tirelessly to establish innovative, integrated programs to enhance and expand access to community-based care, as well as to our lifesaving crisis intervention and response training initiatives which are at the heart of the innovative programs for which we are being recognized.”

Debra L. Wentz, CEO of NJAMHAA stated –

“CarePlus New Jersey has been at the forefront of the evolution of behavioral health since its inception in 1978, both inspiring others and leading the way to state-of-the art services, with a central focus on the individual in all that they do.

CarePlus New Jersey never ceases to amaze me with their innovative and collaborative spirit, impressive program growth, and extraordinary impact on the individuals they serve which includes saving countless lives.”

Dedicated to addressing the ongoing mental health crisis through driving awareness, community engagement, education and training, CarePlus New Jersey spearheads a variety of programs and initiatives to enact change, enhance community education and expand access to its community-based mental health services.

Three programs proven to be instrumental in that effort which have been recognized through the Visionary Provider of The Year award include the:

Bergen County Psychiatric Emergency Screening Program (PESP)

As Bergen County’s designated psychiatric emergency screening program for more than 30 years, PESP provides 24/7 emergency mental health services, community engagement, education, training and community partnerships.

Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT)

This county-wide program is designed to build upon the successes of PESP and BC-CIT further enhancing and expanding specialty training offerings leveraging federal funding through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In fiscal year 2021 -22, MHAT trained 264 individuals which yielded over 900 referrals to mental health and supportive services from training attendees.

Bergen County Crisis Intervention Team (BC-CIT)

The Bergen County program, which CarePlus facilitates, is the only internationally recognized CIT program in NJ and has trained 458 law enforcement officers and 214 mental health professionals to-date in partnership with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office (BCPO) and Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO).

Jersey Mental Health Institute | Care Plus New Jersey

Amie Del Sordo, LCSW, SVP of Hospital and Community Services, CarePlus New Jersey Stated

“While each program is effective on its own, the true innovation lies in the unique integration of the three initiatives which work in tandem to enhance mental health awareness and increase crisis intervention and training among mental health professionals, law enforcement and first responders and various other community providers who work with individuals who may experience a mental health crisis

Additionally, leveraging federal grant funding through MHAT enabled us to offer additional specialty trainings, increase the scope of individuals trained and, as a result, expanded CarePlus New Jersey’s reach by generating more referrals to mental health and supportive services for individuals in need.”

During the ceremony, awards were also presented to outstanding employees of member organizations who exhibited extraordinary courage, compassion, innovation and leadership in carrying out their responsibilities and had a significant impact on improving the lives of individuals with mental illnesses, substance use disorders, intellectual/developmental disabilities, physical comorbidities or any combination of these health conditions.

For general questions and scheduling inquiries for specialty trainings available through PESP, BC-CIT and/or MHAT please contact:

Amie Del Sordo