“Ribbon Tying” Event Joins Area Agencies in Fight Against Substance Abuse

When: Wednesday, March 11th from 12:00 pm through 2:00 pm

Where: CarePlus Paramus headquarters, located at 610 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, NJ

Care Plus NJ, Inc. (“CarePlus”) headquartered in Paramus, NJ and Turning Point Inc. of Paterson have partnered to create an innovative program to help adolescents and adults who are struggling with substance use challenges and, in some cases, mental health disorders.

Turning Point at CarePlus –refered to as “Partnership in Recovery” –takes over 50 years of successful and specialized treatment experience from both organizations to offer a truly innovative program. This Partnership enables those seeking treatment to access all of the care that they need through a “single door.” The recent alarming rise in opioid use in particular, especially among young people, supports the need for expanded treatment options. The integrated care, single point of entry approach assures that wherever the client enters the system of care, they have access to the services they need to achieve recovery.

The adult program incorporates a 12-Step Model of Recovery, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Enhancement approach to recovery. The complementary treatment philosophies and practices offer a combination of individual and group therapies and an integrated care approach that supports the individual, unique and often complex treatment needs of clients in the program.

Turning Point at CarePlus is making concerted efforts to focus their combined attention to serving adolescents with substance use disorders, many of whom have co-occurring mental health issues. The Focus on Resilience with Assistance, Resources & Determination (FORWARD) program offers assessment, substance use education, and linkage to both individual and group therapies. According to Joe Masciandaro, CEO, CarePlus , “The new adolescent programs are designed to educate and support the unique needs of young substance users, and work to return them to a healthy level of functioning at home, in school, and in the community.”

Turning Point at CarePlus offers both traditional outpatient (weekly or bi-weekly session) and intensive outpatient treatment (3-4 days per week) at the 610 Valley Health Plaza facility in Paramus. Psychiatric evaluation, family therapy and other complementary interventions are also available on a sliding fee scale.

While the “Partners in Recovery” have been working together in practice since July 2013, they are officially announcing the programs to the public with a “Ribbon Tying” ceremony. The goal of the event is to introduce the program to local officials, educators, medical professionals and the public, while providing some education of the growing problems of substance use and it’s affect on both the individual and their support system.

“While many organizations kick off their new programs with a ribbon cutting, we thought that was just the opposite of what we were trying to convey,” stated Manuel Guantez, CEO, Turning Point. “Our goal is to show that by joining together, we can truly use our combined experience and practices to provide some of the best substance use disorder programming available.”

The Ribbon Tying event will take place on Wednesday, March 11th from 12:00 pm through 2:00 pm at the CarePlus Paramus headquarters, located at 610 Valley Health Plaza.

Care Plus NJ, Inc. (www.CarePlusNJ.org ) is a northern New Jersey provider of recovery-focused mental health, primary care, substance abuse, and family services that addresses the unique needs of individuals with a holistic approach to recovery and overall wellness. Operating out of 23 sites – including three outpatient centers located in Paramus, Fair Lawn, and Montclair, ten residential facilities, offices at three local hospitals, and seven community offices – their services are convenient to clients located throughout Northern New Jersey. They also provide educational programs on mental health-related topics to schools, organizations, and community groups; training topics including certified Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, Bullying Prevention and Crisis Planning and Intervention Strategies for Schools.

For nearly 40 years Turning Point (www.TurningPointNJ.org) has provided compassionate treatment in a clinically rich treatment environment. Turning Point offers a full continuum of residential (detox, short-term residential treatment and halfway house for women) and outpatient addiction treatment programs in throughout northern New Jersey (Paterson, Verona, Paramus). Over 3,000 men and women struggling with addiction receive treatment in Turning Point programs every year.