A New Program for Teen Girls Who are Suffering from Depression

A new support group is being offered through Care Plus NJ, Inc. (“CarePlus”) of Paramus for teen girls between the ages of 14-18 who are suffering from depression.

The Girl’s Depression Group is geared towards teen girls experiencing depression; those who require more than weekly outpatient therapy but do not meet the criteria for partial care or intensive outpatient programs. Identifying this need resulted in the creation of this group by Care Plus staff member Ashley Czesak, who serves as a Crisis Response Worker for its Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization System.

The program will use a cognitive behavior model in a traditional group setting which will comfort teens. Teen girls exhibiting these behaviors may benefit from the group: irritable, sad, or withdrawn, experience a loss in appetite, disturbance in sleep, or withdrawn from activities they previously enjoyed. The group is designed to teach teens how to manage these symptoms of depression and help prevent future crisis.

“There are very few groups available to teen girls; the goal of this program is to teach and strengthen problem-solving and coping skills, improve interpersonal relationships, promote individuality, and self-esteem,” said Czesak. “Teens will see and feel results, and parents are going to be pleased with the progress made,” she added.

CarePlus has enlisted the help of Gail Hillman, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to lead the group. Currently, Hillman works as a clinician providing individual and family therapy to children ages 6 to 18 in their homes, as well as in an office setting.

The Girl’s Depression Group is a 12-week program offered at the CarePlus Headquarters located at 610 Valley Health Plaza in Paramus, and is open to all teen girls. For more information, call 201-986-5000.