CarePlus President & CEO Joe Masicandaro Named to Governor Murphy’s Restart and Recovery Advisory Council

President and CEO Joe Masciandaro has been named to the New Jersey Restart & Recovery Advisory Council. Earlier this month, Governor Murphy announced the formation of a council of statewide leaders to advise on the state’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Established by Governor Murphy to provide a comprehensive public health and economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal of the New Jersey Restart & Recovery Advisory Council (The Council) is to convene leaders from diverse industry groups and community organizations across the state in order to advise state leadership on economic matters impacted by the crisis. Comprised of nine subcommittees, The Council will be co-chaired by New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis, New Jersey Economic Development Authority CEO Tim Sullivan, and Choose New Jersey President and CEO Jose Lozano.

Subcommittees include: Facilities and Construction; Government; Health Care; Main Street; Manufacturing and Supply Chain; Professional Services; Social Services and Faith; Tourism and Entertainment; and Transportation and Infrastructure. The advisory council will focus on the state’s COVID-19 recovery on a microeconomic scale, determining the more granular challenges that each sector faces. The Council will remain in place to advise the Governor on the state’s recovery for as long as needed.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve on the Governor’s Restart & Recovery Advisory Council,” said Joe Masciandaro, President and CEO, CarePlus. “Our state is in the midst of not only a public health crisis but a mental health crisis. From the significant emotional toll on our first responders and healthcare workers to those who are unemployed, and still others who are mourning the sudden loss of loved ones due to the virus, we have collectively experienced a great trauma and must prepare for COVID-19’s long-term impacts on our state’s mental health. I look forward to convening with the Health Care Subcommittee to address these issues and help develop a roadmap to safely and effectively reopen the state while prioritizing integrated primary and behavioral health care.”