Healthy Families – TIP Bergen County and Hudson County New Jersey

Healthy Families – TIP is a voluntary home-based program designed to support and educate new parents to promote healthy families. It serves prenatal families, as well as All Temporary Assistance for Needy Families also known as (TANF), General Assistance (GA)and Emergency Assistance (EA) recipients with a baby under 12 months of age.

Our Philosophy:

Every mother can benefit from supportive services and parents can become gainfully employed if given the support and training necessary to succeed. 

Coping skills and strengths developed in childhood carry into adult life, helping individuals reach their full potential. With this in mind, we strive to deliver programming and resources that assist individuals in navigating our complicated world.

Program Goals:

Community Health Workers | Careplus New Jersey

The healthy families program can increase positive childhood outcomes and family function by connecting parents with community health workers and or family support workers that provides in-home education and supportive services.

By offering home visiting services and supporting families, child health prevails over child abuse. Young families learn about parent child interaction, and parenting skills build healthy women and men.

Specialized Services:

Free for families residing in Bergen County or Hudson County New Jersey
Provide proven, research-driven parenting information including infant care and child development.
Connect families to appropriate community resources.
Provide screenings to identify possible developmental delays.
Services tailored to meet individual needs and goals.
Assist with career related goals.

Impact Measures

Healthy Families Program | Careplus New Jersey

Bergen County

100% of children have health insurance.
96% of children have been screened for Developmental Delay.
100% postpartum women screen for depression.
90% of children are up-to-date for immunization.

Hudson County

  • 98% of children have health insurance.
  • 90% of children have been screened for Developmental Delay.
  • 93% of children are enrolled in WIC.
  • 91% of children are up-to-date for immunization.

Outcomes Measures

Bergen County

  • 90% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding.
  • 100% of TANF families are connected to employment through the One-Stop-Center.
  • 83% of parents are working or in school by the time the child is 2 years of age.

Hudson County

  • 89% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding.
  • 100% decrease subsequent teen birth.
  • 94% parents knowledge of childhood development and other child’s development progress.

For more information contact:

Bergen & Hudson County Healthy Families – TIP

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