Pandemic Stress is Sending More NJ Kids to the Emergency Room

92.7 WOMB (May 18, 2021) and New Jersey 101.5 (May 18, 2021) covering the rise in emergency room visits caused by stress due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Jen Velten, the program coordinator at Care Plus in North Jersey says that, “This compound chronic stress is leading more of our youth to become affected with mental health concerns.”

She mentioned that this stress has been made worse by the loss of certain coping strategies, thus leaving the children with no outlet to assist them during these times.

To address this stress and anxiety she said it’s important for parents to have continued and frequent conversations with their kids to address what is impacting them and what they feel hopeful about.

Velten says for more significant issues, talk therapy and short-term medication might be necessary as well as engaging in activities with others is important
She also stressed parents and kids need to understand there’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about because “this is completely normal given the crazy circumstance we’re in.”

Once crucial point Velten made was that maintaining our perspective and fostering a sense of hope is important for everybody.


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